Put an end to your spreadsheets

Import existing ingredients’ from current database or spreadsheet

With Dankost Pro calculating nutrients, product development and overview/ register of ingredients in spreadsheets could be history.

Today we meet many companies in the food industry, where product development and calculations is based on own spreadsheets of different kind. Most often the lists are long, sub-sheets, complexed formula’s which only a few colleagues can understand or have the knowledge about.

DANKOST PRO makes it possible to collaborate and see all the common thread through data. Furthermore updating data (nutrition, prices etc.) is now a daily option. DANKOST PRO also offers you the possibility to collaborate with the same data, either at the same location or worldwide. Access is handled centrally and can be integrated with the AD (Active Directory) and the data are stored at your servers.

The software is delivered with a full manual in Danish or English, which provides extra security when new colleagues are introduced to DANKOST PRO.

Translating nutrition declarations is a known issue in the industry. With DANKOST PRO the only translation that is needed is the actual ingredients’. Thereafter declarations are combined automatically and the export of up to six different languages is done in minutes or seconds. Furthermore, we can provide professional translating services and export / import of data that needs to be translated.

In short; DANKOST PRO is the way of getting rid of large and heavy spreadsheets with all your products.