Product development

DANKOST PRO is the perfect software for product development

Redefining products and combine new ones is a growing challenge. With DANKOST PRO is it easy to copy the existing ones or create brand new. Products are developed directly through the list of ingredients and nutrition and cost prices are shown in real time. Both for the batch and single product. The software can also calculate a whole list of data based on weight, ex. ecology percentage or a benchmark as “Från Sverige” which states the 75 % of the ingredients must be Swedish. Fixed costs or costs like packaging can also be added, but of course without adding them to the declaration.

Evaporation or separation of fat can also be estimated  e.g. concentrations of nutrients. The software can furthermore calculate density, volume (liters to / from kilos), fruit percentage, viscosity.


Product in product

A complex structure just as many products often induce an extra level of complexity. Instead of having the entire pie recipe for a salmon pie DANKOST PRO makes it possible to separate the basic dough and the specific ingredients. That makes the system flexible, and when the basic dough is adjusted and prices edited, the final salmon pie will still have the correct data. The software supports up to 20 levels.

Another classic issue is ingredients that is an actual product. Without the proper software, it is difficult to make a declaration in the correct descending order according to EU-legislation. With DANKOST PRO, all of this is built into the workflow and declarations and QUID percentage are shown accordingly.

Besides the pie example, the function can also be used to configure a box of chocolate with 6 pcs of “random” / custom chocolate. Today the chocolate industry finds it hard to be agile in the packaging process simply because the declaration cannot keep up. An extra service DANKOST PRO can provide is the possibility to place a list of e.g. allergens inside the box, stating which chocolates containing allergens.

For the  excessive  product development, the software shows how much an ingredient effects the total nutrition value. This makes it easy analyze where to start  developing depending on the purpose of  the new product. In the report engine, it is possible to compare products, print it to the management etc. Pdf exports can be generated and saved on the product for historic use.

Finally, the development function makes it possible to calculate or suggest sales prices. It can also count backwards to adjust profit to maintain the sales price.