Additives and advanced declaration

With DANKOST PRO the list of ingredients are simplified and cut down to the minimum according to EU-legislation. The software aggregates data, which saves space on the label giving room for marketing.

DANKOST PRO enables features like combined ingredients meaning semi manufactured goods that are purchased. The ingredients in these products are separated when added to the database and displayed in ingredient list on declarations with correct ingredient names:

Here is an example with bread:

A flour mixture, with 50 % wheat bran and 50% wheat flour, is used in a recipe where additional wheat flour is added. The program will separate the flour mixture and automatically aggregate its ingredients. Wheat flour will be shown only once on the declaration. DANKOST PRO will organize the ingredients and wheat flour will be placed in the correct order and with percentages if required. In the world of complexed products this is an issue that we often meet with unique spreadsheets and models developed explicit for that product. Spreadsheets like that can be challenging to work with and difficult to update.

Additives – aggregating and categorizing them

In DANKOST PRO, it is optional to categorize additives but in general a good idea. These categories are often colorants, preservative etc. Name and number (E100 ex.) are also registered and listed. In the concluding declaration it is optional to show the categories and the E-numbers or one of them.