Create detailed and advanced nutrition calculation and in the process, define new products

A basic function in DANKOST PRO is the automatically generated list of ingredients sorted in descending order according to EU legislation and with percentages (QUID). The nutrition values follows the legislation and are rounded accordingly. Should the product contain allergens or additives they will shown as well, and the allergens will be highlight. The list of allergens is maintained centrally and any updates effects the declaration text the next time a label or a sheet of data are extracted. Allergens can be formatted into bold, italic, CAPITALS or another color. It is for the user to decide.

The software handles an unlimited number of products and up to six languages, all based on the same recipe. With the software DANKOST PRO various reports, data sheets, labels etc. can be generated. These can be copied and arranged according to the company’s needs.


We guarantee that the software generates correct specifications according to the latest EU legislation – Regulation 1169/2011, that came into force in December 2014. The latest adjustment changed sorting order for ingredients, formatting allergens in the table of content and the labeling of salt.allergens dictonary in DANKOST PRO

Indication of quantity

With DANKOST PRO, you can add% (QUID) to one or more of the ingredients in connection with the declaration.

Labels and specifications

In DANKOST PRO, there are access to the integrated design software to create various exports, labels, specification, side-by-side comparing etc. It is possible to makee reports with the company’s own logo or have data sheets for private label, where the customer’s logo can be added quickly to the label or data sheet. All reports can be printed in a handful of formats, both graphical, to RTF, PDF and technical information (eg Excel and csv).

DANKOST PRO is compatible with Windows based printers.

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