DANKOST PRO can be used to handle 6 language variants of products

Translating product specification can be a complex task and the risk of deviation is high. In the DANKOST PRO database the Danish language is default, but DANKOST PRO makes it possible to translate the products into 5 extra languages without risks of misprints or typos. Especially when using different translators. When the correct ingredients have been translated, the specifications, declaration etc. are automatically generated into the requested language. Which six languages to use is totally up to the administrator to decide. We frequently see e.g. Scandinavian, English, German, French and perhaps the local language.

We provide consulting services for translation and uploading of translated texts. This is particularly advantageous in building the system where there is a lot of data being translated or updated. The software DANKOST PRO comes with Danish commands in the program, but DANKOST PRO is available in English, Swedish and Norwegian as well. With the full language it is up to the users in the same company to choose which language they want. This gives extra possibilities since the software can be used all over the world. Manual in Danish or English

DANKOST PRO is managed at single user level, where the necessary rights are allocated based on the upcoming tasks. Users can be administrators, could change, create or just read / print. The rights are set per. module, and can be controlled at a detailed level.

Users of the system also have the option of customizing columns, color scheme, etc. to the individual’s needs or taste. This is done through classic features known from Windows. Of course, it is possible to make a one-time setup or option to save the view as the new default user-level view.

In larger companies, there is typically a desire from the IT department to centralize access to the company’s different systems. With DANKOST PRO, access can be controlled directly through AD (Active Directory), handled by the IT department. This provides additional assurance that business secrets do not leave the company as users are automatically is deleted.

DANKOST PRO can be used at the same time as an unlimited number of users, but not more than licensed.