Integration GS1 Global

Certified ASP supplier for GS1 Trade Sync

GS1 have developed a global platform for exchanging product data. DANKOST PRO links directly with this platform. A collaboration between GS1 and Dankost translated into easy import- and export functions within DANKOST PRO.

The comprehensive product recipes, including ingredients, nutritional values, additives and allergens are simply transferred to GS1 without more data entering.

To complete to export GS1 require additional information about packaging. GLN numbers, country code and so on. In DANKOST PRO can generate templates with GS1 information. That moderates the time spend keyboarding.  By gathering information about the products in the recipes, export data is collected at one place for an easy GS1 transfer.

The Export function validates a lot of information during the export. There is also a test function for finished products. Errors or slip-ups will be shown at once in DANKOST PRO.

DANKOST PRO can send product specifications to GS1 in 6 different languages.

DANKOST PRO is an certified ASP supplier at GS1 Denmark. Follow the link for our certificate