I.M. Frellsen

Since 1897 and through 4 generations the family business I.M. Frellsen has produced gourmet products with excellent quality.

I.M. Frellsen started out as a sugar factory producing hard candy. In 1949 they opened the first shops and became a chocolate factory. The number of shops increased and they evolved into a chocolate company with high quality products.

I.M Frellsen have around 380 employees and are specialized in exquisite products as coffee, chocolate and other delicacies. Coffee, the and supplements are distributed from Randers and Roskilde to over 7000 companies, institutions, restaurants and hotels all over Denmark.

The chocolate is sold from Frellsens 39 shops, whole sale department and through a brand new factory.


I.M. Frellsen and DANKOST PRO

I.M. Frellsen have used DANKOST PRO for nutrient calculation since 2012. They generate tables of content and make product specifications with the program. Every ingredient is validated and then set up by Frellsen in DANKOST PRO. The ingredients hold information about nutrient value as well as additives and allergens, information that follows the ingredient, wherever it is used in the production.

Chocolate and especially filled chocolates can be complicated to tabulate since it made up of several composed ingredients with unique contents. I.M.Frellsen set up the composed ingredients in DANKOST PRO and then generate product specifications. When making the chocolate Frellsen uses a lot of different composed products, recipes as marzipan, truffle, nougat mixtures and many more. These products are then used several different recipes. I.M Frellsen have set up these products in DANKOST PRO so they can be used again and does not have to be arranged once more.

The nutrient content of all the different pieces of chocolate have to be calculated separately but they also have to be a part of chocolate boxes. For instance: 20 different pieces in a box with a conclusive table of content. When I.M Frellsen have all the recipes for the different chocolate pieces in DANKOST PRO, the pieces can be allocated in boxes with their different ingredients. Afterwards a table of content is generated for the whole box. As every piece of chocolate has its own table of content it is easy to switch one or more pieces and then generate a new updated ingredient index.

Frellsen have designed the product specifications and the data sheets with logo and ingredients, nutrition value, additives, allergens and QUID. They have different designs for their data sheets. Some for costumers, some for the administration, and some for the chocolate production.

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