Espersen is a proven supplier of quality frozen as well as chilled fish products. – from  fillets and classic breaded fish to puff pastry and sauces. Daily production and product development focus on quality, traceability and sustainability

Espersen was founded on the island of Bornholm 1937 have an upward trend with factories or offices in Denmark, Poland, Lithuania,  Russia, Spain, France and Vietnam in 2016 an international customers in Europe, USA and Australia.

Espersen and DANKOST PRO

Espersen have used Dankost for nutrient calculating since 2003 when the program was called Dankost 3000. In 2011 Dankost 3000 was upgraded to the present DANKOST PRO. With the upgrade came the possibility to calculate nutrition and make product specifications directly in the program. Espersen has as mentions earlier offices on several locations and DANKOST PRO is used at the office in Frederecia and in the  Bornholm office.

The program is currently used by the product development department (R&D) for developing new products and by the QA – quality assurance to make products specifications. The specifications are generated in Danish, German and in English. Espersen can also chose Danish or English as the preferred language in DANKOST PRO.

All the ingredients are approved by Espersen and then set up in DANKOST PRO. Each ingredient holds information about nutrients, additives and allergens and that information follows the ingredient in all of the recipes where its used. Then the recipes are made out and there is a calculating process.

Espersen has implemented their design on the product specifications with company logo, basic information about the company, contacts, nutrients, additives and allergens. The product specifications varies between the departments within the company. For the costumers product specifications include ingredients. The sales department need other type of information like preparation, shelf life or storage. The data is stored in recipes or products in DANKOST PRO.

Espersen is a member of Danish Seafood Association

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