The company EASIS have their head office in Jutland, Denmark. They produce sugar free sweets. The produce include a variety of products from chocolate, cookies, cakes, hard candy, lemonade, ice cream and marcipan to breakfast products. All the products are sugar free containing low sugars. Some of the products have reduced calorie-, fat- and salt, instead holding a higher percentage of protein and fiber.

The consumer gets an appetizing alternative with low on sugar, fat and calories and an higher consumption of fibers.




EASIS have since the summer of 2016 used DANKOST PRO for their calculation of nutrients. With DANKOST PRO Easis generates tables of contents, product specifications and data sheets directly from the program. Currently the QA department generate product specifications with DANKOST PRO and the product developers create new products with the program. To calculate polyoper like erythritol Easis uses the nutrients calculator in DANKOST PRO

The ingredients are set up in the database in DANKOST PRO. Nutrition value, additives and allergens are registered in the process and that information follows the ingredient in all the recipes where its used. The ingredients are used while making the recipes and then generate nutrient value with polyoper, table of contents, QUID and additive. Allergens are shown with formatted text. Production cost for the different products is shown in real time when the ingredients are set up and then there is a calculation process.

Easis have a variety of part recipes which are used in a lot of products. Marcipan, chocolate and vanilla ice cream for example. The part recipes are set up once and thereafter used as ingredients in various products. On the table of content the part recipes are separated and the ingredients are shown individually.

The product specifications and data sheets are design by Easis using the implemented design program in DANKOST PRO. The information on the sheets are different depending on the specific need of the recipients. Some hold information about shelf life and storage others contain nutrient value. The data is linked with the recipes or products within the system making sure that no information is lost.


Many of the bigger whole sale companies and the supermarkets request information about Easis products on GS1, the  on the net where the producers themselves share information about their products. Previously all information was to be set up manually but today it can be transferred directly from DANKOST PRO. Easis transfer all their product data from DANKOST PRO to GS1. In time all recipes will hold information about producers GLN, the sales market, date of publication, packing information, carton size, and nutrition value and allergens. Everything can be transferred for validation by GS1.

Read more on Easis website www.easis.dk