Put an end to your spreadsheets

Import existing ingredients' from current database or spreadsheet With Dankost Pro calculating nutrients, product development and overview/ register of ingredients

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Product development

DANKOST PRO is the perfect software for product development Redefining products and combine new ones is a growing challenge. With

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Integration GS1 Global

Certified ASP supplier for GS1 Trade Sync GS1 have developed a global platform for exchanging product data. DANKOST PRO links

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Create detailed and advanced nutrition calculation and in the process, define new products A basic function in DANKOST PRO is...

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DANKOST PRO can be used to handle 6 language variants of products Translating product specification can be a complex task...

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Download our latest flyer (9 mb) with quick facts about our software. The perfect hand over to your colleges. [pdf-embedder...

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Book a meeting

Please contact us for a presentation of our software. We strive to respond within 24 hours and you are always...

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Dankost was established more than 25 years ago and is a strong provider of it-services for the food industry.  Dankost is owned by Kraftvaerk Group, an it-consultant providing digital business development. Kraftvaerk Group is primary owned by employees and management. The company has 120 employees at 4 locations.

The Dankost team hasa long track record within documentation, guidance and digitizing data for the food industry. Our software DANKOST PRO complies with the latest EU legislation and is always updated.

Dankost serve around 200 customers in Scandinavia, Greenland, The Faroe Island and Iceland. Approximately half of the customers are active within food production or import from outside the EU.